Legal Leaders Feature Jerald Block


“Once our client comes to us, we’re committed to that client. We believe in a strong communication link with our clients. We get the best result we can and we’ve been very successful doing that.”

Located amidst the stately oaks on LA 1 in Thibodaux is Block Law Firm. Established in 1971 by Jerald Block, the firm prides itself on commitment to its clients throughout the legal process. With eight lawyers on their team, Block Law Firm focuses on providing the best service available to their clients.

“The most important thing is commitment,” shared Block. “We’re committed to our clients. We’re committed to their success in litigation. I come from a business background because my dad was a very successful businessman in Thibodaux. I look at things from a business standpoint and try to advise clients who are involved in commercial litigation. I advise them from a business standpoint: what are the advantages, what are the disadvantages? But once our clients make their decision, our office is committed to the case.”

Block Law Firm handles mostly personal injury and commercial litigation. Block handles Medicaid fraud litigation, working for Attorney General, Jeff Landry.

“If a pharmaceutical company through some type of scheme defrauds Medicaid, we file suit against that pharmaceutical company on behalf of the Medicaid program, as well as the Office of Group Benefits,” explained Block. Block is also still very active within the practice with personal injury work. “Whether it is products liability, whether it is malpractice—legal malpractice and medical malpractice—or automobile incidents, we are heavily involved in litigation.”

Ever the litigator, Block finds himself at home in the courtroom. Over the years, Block has tried hundreds of jury trials, not just in Lafourche and Terrebonne, but also throughout the State of Louisiana. He credits his great relationships with government and parish officials for his ability and comfort in doing work in neighboring parishes, including St. Mary, St. Charles or even East Baton Rouge, where Medicaid fraud cases are heard.

“I would prefer to be in the courtroom than sitting behind my desk,” shared Block. “I’ve always enjoyed being in the courtroom. Preparation is the key. Also having strong relationships with the judges where they understand that once we come into court, we’re going to be prepared and we’re going to be ready to proceed with our client’s case.”

After nearly 50 years practicing law, Block enjoys what he does and the results he achieves for his clients.

“I tell clients all the time, my job is not to make the judge happy,” Block said with a smile. “Our job is not to make the opposing lawyer happy. Our job is to make our clients satisfied with the result that we achieved for them. It’s all about client-focused work and helping people—helping clients—get the best result they can.”