Block Law Firm Continues to Assist Businesses and Individuals by Securing Awards in the Halliburton-Transocean Settlement Related to the BP Oil Spill


Block Law Firm had the opportunity to assist over 250 businesses and individuals throughout the Gulf South recover from the BP-Deepwater Horizon oil spill by diligently pursuing claims in the Deepwater Horizon Economic Settlement and the Halliburton-Transocean Settlement.  Block Law Firm clients have been awarded more than $1.2 million for eligible claims in the Halliburton-Transocean Settlement.  Since the inception of the Settlement Programs in June 2012, Block Law Firm has now recovered awards totaling over $52 million for eligible claimants. 

Block Law Firm has had tremendous success in recovering the maximum awards for our deserving clients and the firm is in the process of finalizing the last remaining claims under the Halliburton-Transocean Settlement Program.